Silver Service taxi is always available to respond to this type of need

If you are in need of transportation to take you around the city, Silver Service taxi is always available to respond to this type of need.  Surely, so many companies that offer car service rental are around but certainly, not all of these companies are dependable that is why you have to be careful as well in choosing the companycontinue


Melbourne Taxi Service

Most reliable taxi companies

There are surely numerous cab companies that offer taxi rentals to make your trip more convenient and easy, but it would also be best if you carefully choose which company will be able to provide you with what you need and ensure that your expectations will be met. Silver Taxi Melbourne is one of the most reliable taxi companies that can give you a unique ride experience because they care nothing more than making their clients well- satisfied.
What makes this company great is that they give an utmost service without sacrificing the price which is really helpful for the client. They offer Melbourne airport transfers as well so if you are coming to or going out of Melbourne, might as well contact Silver Taxi to save yourself from the hassle of still waiting for a taxi to take you to your destination. They have very professional drivers who will be with you in the entire duration of your contract with them so you can be secure that you will not be alone especially if you are traveling by yourself to this country for the first time.
Aside from assisting you with your luggage, the driver will also be able to make you feel welcome and at home. This taxi service Melbourne can definitely give you a comfortable as well as a luxurious experience. Another good thing about this company is that they have a back up service so that if ever something happens to the car that you are riding on, a ready back up car is simply available to take over because they have a wide fleet of cars to give assistance.
If you prefer to hire a luxury car, they also have a large selection of this type of cars so you really do not have to worry about your transportation when you do business with Silver Taxi. Before you make a call though, make sure that you already have some details that the company must know about so they can give you an appropriate estimate of how much it is going to cost you. You must be able to give specific information of your destination, and this includes your pick up point and your place of destination. Let them know as well if you will have stop overs and if there will be other passengers with you so they can give you the car that will fit all the passengers comfortably.


How to Spot a Good taxi

There are surely many taxis around Melbourne and finding a good taxi Melbourne is not difficult to come by. With several reputable taxi service companies in the city, try renting from a major company like Silver Service Taxi so you can have your peace of mind about getting around the city.
How then do you know that you found the right taxi Melbourne? Check the physical appearance and status of the car if it is clean. If it is, you can tell that it is properly maintained. Another basis is if the cab driver only asks for the exact fare and does not ask for any other extra and hidden charges.
Renting from a cab company which has good credibility can bring you a lot of benefits as a client. First is that it saves you from a lot of hassle because when you make a reservation, you can simply do it online or by just picking up your phone. Their service is highly personal and you can even make your own account so making a reservation is made even more convenient for you. Another good thing about renting from a reliable company is that you will not miss your appointment, flight or schedule because you can be confident that the taxi will come on time.
Taxi Melbourne also allows you to pay in several modes of payment such as cab charge, credit and debit card, as well as monthly or even pre-paid. A good taxi also has a driver who is highly skilled and professional and is properly groomed and someone who wears an ID. He is also someone who is always ready to fulfill their duties to their clients and gives his utmost respect.
Taxi services from leading companies also offer many other additional services such as airport assistance and even parcel deliveries so if you are a foreigner and is simply visiting, this is really a convenient service for you.
Taxis can be used in Melbourne for simply going around the city and see the tourist spots or famous sights of the area. The taxi drivers can also serve as your tour guide as well that is why it is important that you find a good driver. It is the job of the taxi driver to ensure that you are well taken cared of, that you are safe and that you get to your destination on time. Try Silver Service Taxi for a hassle free taxi service.


Taxi Services in Melbourne- a great way to enjoy the city

Melbourne is one of the most exciting and diverse tourist spots, filled with amazing places to visit and a coastal culture that is absolutely breathtaking. Melbourne is filled with sites and attractions that will leave you wanting more, such as serene lane ways, majestic parks, museums and a robust library system – there is definitely a spot for every interest imaginable.
An added charm to Melbourne’s appeal is its breath taking destinations that are well distributed throughout the metropolis. You will literally need to tour the entire city to appreciate it’s full potential- from the fun and snazzy Melbourne Zoo to the colloquial and upbeat Flinders Street. Melbourne’s coastline repertoire means that you need to select on the right kind of means to find your way around this buzzing city.
Getting around Melbourne is another aspect of your trip that makes it more interesting and worthwhile. There are several ways to get around Melbourne, all of which offer its added charm to the whole vacation experience.
The Best Method- Taxi services in Melbourne are a great way to get around the city. They provide reliable transport services that usher a convenient way to see the sights and avoid the city’s hustle and bustle. The taxi service provides tourists with the opportunity to have a premier experience of touring the city, with very helpful drivers that direct and provide useful information about getting to destination points. This reliable transportation choice will also get you to your much awaited vacation sites with the most convenience, with the comfort of a good seat and a breathtaking drive that allows you to soak in the splendor of Melbourne. For vacationers coming from the airport, a taxi ride will assist in finding good and affordable accommodations if you haven’t decided where you are staying or provide you with a relaxing way to reach your hotel. Taxi fare in Melbourne is affordable and properly calibrated, which means that the fee is determined by the length of the drive, the number of passengers at the start of the travel, the type of taxi and the length of time the cab ride takes.
Visiting by Train- trains are also a marvelous way of seeing the various attractions offered in Melbourne. For visitors from neighboring regions, getting to and from Melbourne via the train service is a relatively inexpensive way of setting your vacation sites relative to drop off destinations from the train station. The tracks extend throughout the city and into the suburbs, conveniently providing a fast and easy point-on-point travel method for anyone wanting a diverse experience of exploring the vast interests in Melbourne.


Where to find the Taxis in Melbourne

Since there are a number of responsible taxi companies, taxi services Melbourne is organized and provides great convenience to the clients because normally, they do not just take their clients to their destination, but also have added services as well that are highly personalized. There are companies such as Silver Service Taxi which really go the extra mile to please their customers.
Taxi services Melbourne are accessible to tourists, as well as to the locals. They come in abundance in the Central Business District Area, especially the ones close to the department stores or malls, cafes, boutiques and other commercial and retail establishments. If you are going around the area on foot and suddenly find the urge to ride, you can easily get a cab to bring you to your next destination.
If you are the type who wants to be really sure that you have a ride and if you do not like the idea of waiting or falling in line, taxi services Melbourne also offers an online booking service, so you can conveniently rent a taxi and let them know what time you need the service and where to pick you up. Reserving a taxi for rent can also be done through phone so you really have options on how to get a cab; either you find it along the way or you make an advanced reservation. Taxi reservations can be made for on the day taxi rental and even up to 7 days in advance booking.
Leading taxi companies like Silver Service Taxi give amazing additional non-traditional taxi services to their clients such as parcel delivery, airport assistance and they can even give an estimate rate of your travel cost. If you are from out of town, or a foreigner, the estimate can be very helpful, because of the tariff rules on how much a particular taxi ride will take. This kind of company also has taxi trackers to make sure that you are properly and safely brought to where you are going.
You can also pay in a number of different modes such as cash, cab charge and credit or debit card. Cab charge can be easily applied online, just click on the site and follow instructions. Another great feature of a taxi service from a major company is that they have an app that you can simply download on your smart phone.
Since there is a high demand of taxis from big taxi companies, there is an additional $11 booking fee, but if you get a regular taxi, the service fee no longer applies.


Melbourne Sightseeing On A Taxi

Melbourne is a beautiful city in Victoria, Australia. It has a lot to offer its visitors, from the busy laneways of the city proper to spectator sports and beautiful sceneries both within and outside the city limits.

Enjoying the scenic places in Melbourne and suburbs can be made possible through the different manners such as signing up for day tours that are normally advertised at the airports and hotels. Visitors can also rent a car and armed with a map of the city and suburbs, explore the areas they are interested in. They can also avail of taxi service Melbourne to take them to the destinations that caught their fancy.

1. Day tours – These are organized tours that will pick up visitors from their hotels and take them to specific tourist areas or activities. There could be only one stop where the visitors can spend the whole day exploring the area. There could also be a number of stops which means that there is a designated time frame to go around one area then the group will move on the next destination. This is a good option especially for visitors who do not know what area to visit. The guide in the day tour will take the visitors to the important and salient areas of the attraction. The disadvantage of the day tour is that the visitors have to leave the area when the time is up even if they want to spend some more time to enjoy the scenery.
2. Driving a rental car – For the adventurous, driving a rental in a foreign city is really exciting. Finding the target destination, including getting lost or missing the destination, could be parts of the excitement. The good thing about driving to explore the different tourist attractions of Melbourne is that the visitors need not leave an area until they have fully enjoyed what the attraction offers. The downside is that a lot of time could be wasted just trying to find an attraction that the visitors want to see.
3. Sightseeing on a taxi – This manner of exploring the different attractions that Melbourne and suburbs offer could be the most advantageous and practical one for tourists, especially first-time visitors. Visitors will not waste time looking for a place and they can stay as much as they want to enjoy the sights in a destination. Getting a taxi service Melbourne is the easiest and most convenient way of enjoying the scenery and attractions of the city. Visitors will arrive to the destination in no time because the professional chauffeurs are very familiar with the streets of the city. They can stay as much as they want and call the dispatcher of Silver Taxi Service if they want to be picked up and be taken to another destination or back to the hotel.

Tourists in Melbourne have a lot of beautiful places to see and activities to experience. A stay in the city will not be complete without going to all the famous and beautiful landmarks the city of Melbourne is known for.

Some of the must-see places in Melbourne include the following:

1. The Great Ocean Road – It is the very famous and the most scenic drive in Victoria. A drive through the winding road provides a breath-taking view of the ocean from the cliffs as well the hills and the surrounding bushes. However, visitors will not fully enjoy the scenery if they will be driving a rental car. To appreciate the beauty of the road hugging the coastline, it will be best if the visitors will avail of a cab service instead. A Silver service taxi will guarantee the visitors’ comfort and enjoyment as the vista unfolds in every turn of the road. The professional chauffeur can also double as a tourist guide as he can pinpoint to the visitors the beautiful spots that must not be missed.
2. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne – Considered as one of the most beautifully landscaped gardens on earth, the gardens are regarded by many visitors as the nicest attraction of the city. Visitors can make arrangement to be picked up from their hotels and be dropped of in the gardens where they can spend the whole day enjoying the sun, the plants, and the animal life. They can spread a blanket and have their picnic while enjoying the breeze and the sun.
3. Melbourne Cricket Ground – It is largest, oldest, and most popular sports venue in Australia. It boasts of a rich and colorful history that can compare with any other famous stadium in the world. A lot of international cricket tournaments had been held at MCG, including those of the 1956 Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games.
4. Queen Victoria Market – It is Melbourne’s must-see destination. It offers a variety of food items that are appreciated by people from different countries.
5. Yarra Valley Winery – Wine lovers all over the world stop by Yarra Valley for a winery tour and to sample the world-famous Australian wine.

Getting Around

Silver service taxi is available in every part of Melbourne and suburbs. Visitors can hop from one attraction to another using this efficient taxi service. From airport to hotel pickup, availing of taxi service is easy and convenient. Reservation can be made in advance specifying the point and time of pickup. Multiple destinations can easily be arranged. That means visitors can visit multiple attractions in one day. At the appointed time, visitors will find their cab waiting for them, ready to take them to the next destination.